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Rear Shock Absorber for FIAT

Xin Zhi Meng Group is FIAT Auto parts dealer and distributor in china, specialized in the service, aftermarket supplying and production of FIAT Chassis spare parts. Shanghai Servalliance Autoparts Co., Ltd. as a branch of Xin Zhi Meng Group, focus on oversea FIAT spare parts wholesale. Product...


Xin Zhi Meng Group is FIAT Auto parts dealer and distributor in china, specialized in the service, aftermarket supplying and production of FIAT Chassis spare parts. Shanghai Servalliance Autoparts Co., Ltd. as a branch of Xin Zhi Meng Group, focus on oversea Rear Shock Absorber For FIAT wholesale.

Rear Shock Absorber For FIAT wholesale

Rear Shock Absorber For FIAT

high-quality rear shock absorber

rear shock absorber

low price FIAT rear shock absorber

FIAT rear shock absorber

Product Name

FIAT rear shock absorber

Part No.

FIAT rear shock absorber 46812023

Application Model

Rear Shock Absorber For FIAT 1.5

Rear Shock Absorber For FIAT description:
" FIAT rear shock absorber , OEM No.:46812023
In order to improve the ride comfort of the vehicle in the suspension system, the shock absorber is installed in parallel with the elastic element in the suspension, and the front shock absorber and rear shock absorber are used in the vehicle suspension system. , The working principle is when the frame (or body) and the vibration between the car and the relative movement, the shock absorber piston up and down, the shock absorber cavity of the oil will repeatedly from a cavity through a different The pores flow into the other cavity. At this point between the hole wall and oil friction and oil molecules between the internal friction to form a damping force, so that the car vibration energy into oil heat, and then absorbed by the shock absorber to the atmosphere. In the oil channel cross section and other factors unchanged, the damping force with the car and the axle (or wheel) between the relative movement speed increase and decrease, and the viscosity of the oil.
Shock absorbers and elastic components bear the task of cushioning and damping, damping force is too large, will make the suspension elastic deterioration, and even damage to the shock absorber connector. Because of the need to adjust the elastic components and shock absorbers this contradiction. We are almost different kind of FIAT rear Shock Absorber and with perfect quality.
FIAT rear shock absorber is high cost effective, which can fit your car.
Servalliance Shanghai supplies all kinds for FIAT spare parts. We have over 50k items in our warehouse to support customer demand.
If you need more details for FIAT spare parts, please give us a RfQ.
Our high quality products are with competitive prices to support your business.

Rear Shock Absorber For FIAT manufacturers

Rear Shock Absorber For FIAT manufacturers

rear shock absorber suppliers

rear shock absorber suppliers

FIAT rear shock absorber dealer

FIAT rear shock absorber dealer

If you are interested in any of Rear Shock Absorber For FIAT or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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