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Steering Knuckle for MG

Xin Zhi Meng Group is MG Auto parts dealer and distributor in china, specialized in the service, aftermarket supplying and production of MG Chassis spare parts. Shanghai Servalliance Autoparts Co., Ltd. as a branch of Xin Zhi Meng Group, focus on oversea MG spare parts wholesale. Product...


Xin Zhi Meng Group is MG Auto parts dealer and distributor in china, specialized in the service, aftermarket supplying and production of MG Chassis spare parts. Shanghai Servalliance Autoparts Co., Ltd. as a branch of Xin Zhi Meng Group, focus on oversea Steering Knuckle For MG wholesale.

Steering Knuckle For MG wholesale

Steering Knuckle For MG

high-quality steering knuckle joint

steering knuckle joint

low price knuckle steering

knuckle steering

Product Name

MG Steering Knuckle

Part No.

MG Steering Knuckle 10094081
MG Steering Knuckle 10094082

Application Model

Steering Knuckle For MG GS

Steering Knuckle For MG description:
MG Steering Knuckle , OEM No.:10094081, 10094082
The steering knuckle is the hinge wheel, generally forked. On the two fork has two coaxial hole mounting main pin, steering shaft to install the wheel. A steering knuckle pin hole two ears connected by a fist shaped part of main pin and both ends of the front shaft, the front wheels can deflect a certain angle and kingpin the automobile steering knuckle. In order to reduce the abrasion, the pin hole is pressed into the bronze bushings, bushing lubrication is installed on the steering knuckle of the nozzle into the grease lubrication. In order to make flexible steering, steering bearing is arranged between the ear and the fist shaped section. In the knuckle between the ear and the fist shaped part also equipped with adjustable gaskets, with clearance adjustment between the steering wheel alignment parameters in order to maintain the stability of the car is on a straight road, the steering portability and reduce wear, tire and machine between the steering wheel and the front axle steering knuckle, between the three and the frame must maintain a certain phase of This has a certain position, the relative position of the installation is called the steering wheel positioning, known as the front wheel alignment. Correct wheel alignment should be done: can make the car run straight and not stable swing; the steering wheel force is steering; steering wheel after steering with automatic return function; no slippage between the tire and the ground to reduce fuel consumption, prolong the service life of the tire. The front wheel orientation including the caster, kingpin inclination, camber and toe.
MG GS Steering Knuckle is high cost effective, which can fit your car.
Servalliance Shanghai supplies all kinds for MG spare parts. We have over 50k items in our warehouse to support customer demand.
If you need more details for MG GS spare parts, please give us a RfQ.
Our high quality products are with competitive prices to support your business.

Steering Knuckle For MG manufacturers

Steering Knuckle For MG manufacturers

steering knuckle joint suppliers

steering knuckle joint suppliers

knuckle steering dealer

knuckle steering dealer

If you are interested in any of Steering Knuckle For MG or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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