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Car Heart Engine Daily Maintenance Of The Six Small Common Sense

Since the engine is the car's "heart", then the usual car from which aspects of the car to maintain the "heart" it?

The same time as

1. Use the appropriate grade of lubricant. The gasoline engine should be based on the system and the use of additional conditions and the use of equipment SD-SF-class gasoline engine oil; diesel engine will be based on mechanical load selection CB-CD-class diesel engine oil, the selection criteria to not less than the manufacturer requirements The

The same time as

2. Regular replacement of oil and filter. Any quality grade of lubricating oil in the course of the use of oil will change, in order to avoid the occurrence of failure, should be used in conjunction with regular conditions change the oil, and moderate oil.

The same time as

3. Keep the crankcase well ventilated. Most gasoline engines are now equipped with PCV valves, but the pollutants in the channeling gas will be deposited around the PCV valve, which may block the valve. Therefore, the pollutants surrounding the PCV valve must be periodically removed.

The same time as

4. Regularly clean the crankcase. During the operation of the engine, the high pressure unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall and mix with the metal powder produced by the wear of the parts to form Sludge. Therefore, the crankcase should be cleaned regularly to keep the inside of the engine clean.

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5. Regularly clean the fuel system, control the formation of coke, can make the engine to maintain the best condition.

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6. Engine water tank rust, scaling is the most common problem. Rust and scale will limit the coolant in the cooling system flow, reduce the heat dissipation, resulting in engine overheating, and even cause damage to the engine. So to regularly clean the tank, remove the rust and scale.

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