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Exhaust Pipe Is A Good Performance Of The Engine, Is Not The More The Better?

Exhaust pipe will drip, more common in the new car, whether it is low-end cars or luxury cars, there will be this phenomenon.

May be a lot of owners early in the morning to the parking lot when driving, will find a water mark, which is a lot of car exhaust drip, why is this caused by it?

Why some car exhaust pipe will drip, some cars and no?

In fact, to achieve this phenomenon, at least to meet the three conditions:

1, gasoline and air mixing ratio is correct: This means that your fuel system in good condition, whether it is fuel supply or carburetor oil supply, mixed oil and gas just, this also means that your car fuel-efficient.

2, the engine compression pressure is high: high compression pressure is representative of the cylinder is not the phenomenon of wear. The engine will wear down the cylinder pressure will become low, but also cause the gasoline combustion is not complete, the combustion will not be completely dripping.

3, the exhaust pipe temperature is low: This means that your engine outbreak of heat are concentrated in the cylinder, only a small amount or no overflow to the exhaust pipe, so that your engine output horsepower. If the exhaust pipe temperature is high, then the water vapor will not condense into water droplets.

Although it is not a big deal, but it can not do anything.

In this way, some people think that the exhaust pipe dripping more and more good. Xiao Bian to remind that if the water droplets for a long time to stay in the exhaust pipe, will corrode the metal tube. Motorcycle exhaust pipe below a special drainage eye, is dedicated to the exhaust pipe inside the water. Many friends do not understand that the hole is not blocked, the results of the exhaust pipe corrosion quickly.

Many cars and then encountered a lot of car exhaust pipe drip phenomenon, you may also see the exhaust pipe row of white smoke; this is usually the winter or rainy season parked the first time the car started, but if once the engine temperature, white smoke on Will disappear, this situation do not have to worry about not maintenance. If the engine temperature rises after the exhaust pipe into a black smoke, it indicates that the cylinder pressure is too low or the individual cylinder does not work, should be checked and excluded. When the engine is running, the exhaust pipe discharges a large amount of water vapor white smoke, and it is necessary to check whether there is any water in the tank. Check whether the cylinder head is damaged, whether the cylinder is cracked or not.

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