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Geely Will Use The Volvo Engine First Model Or Launch By The End Of Next Year

According to the "Automotive News Europe" reported that as part of the deepening of cooperation, Volvo has agreed to provide part of the engine for Geely, Geely's first car equipped with Volvo engine as early as possible at the end of next year as the 2019 car market.

Currently, Geely and Volvo have cooperated and shared technologies through the (Lynk & Co.) brands, all of which belong to the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (). Insiders said, the first equipped with Volvo engine Geely models are expected to be the earliest will be on sale by the end of next year, the car will be equipped with Volvo for small cars developed new 1.5 liter turbocharged gasoline engine. In addition, Volvo is expected to be shared later 2 liter turbocharged engine technology, and allows the use of Volvo and Geely Automobile brand leader grams the common development of the construction of platform car sharing cars.

According to reports, technology joint venture tentatively named "Ningbo space time equation Technology Co., Ltd." (GV Automobile Technology), headquartered in Ningbo, Hangzhou bay new area. The parties will cooperate in automotive technology, procurement, and future research and development of the brand.  Geely spokesman said the new joint venture will bring three grams of big brands to create a platform for cooperation, Volvo and Geely, the three party can officially share technology and professional knowledge, and purchase cooperation.

7 years ago, when Geely bought Volvo from Ford, industry analysts questioned whether Geely would be able to absorb Volvo's core technology. Over the years, however, the technology has been improving and making significant progress, drawing on Volvo's technology. After the acquisition of Volvo in 2010, better car designs, such as the GC9 sedan and the SUV, helped Geely achieve a profit accumulation. Last year, Geely's China sales increased by 50% to 766 thousand vehicles this year, while Geely's sales are expected to exceed 1 million vehicles this year.

Of course, Geely's goal is not only in China, but Geely also hopes to explore the international market and sell more cars abroad. The first half of this year, Geely's acquisition of the troubled Malaysia carmaker proton from Malaysia industrial giant DRB-HICOM. Geely executives also told the Reuters that Geely plans to improve it through the sharing of Geely and Volvo automotive technology.

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