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Land Rover Accessories Distinguish True And False

For the majority of riders, choose a favorite car is just beginning to enjoy the car life, car maintenance and daily maintenance and accessories purchase, will be directly related to the service life of the vehicle.

Land Rover wheel

As we all know, the exquisite packing is the key to distinguish between true and false. When buying Land Rover accessories, as long as careful enough, it is easy to find clues from the package. Original Land Rover accessories packaging more formal, unified standards, specifications, lettering clear. Open the package, there are product qualification certificate, manufacturer's production license and inspector number, etc.. Some important parts, such as generator, distributor, fuel injection pump and so on, also have instruction manual to guide users to use and maintain correctly.

Snow traction system

The counterfeit product packaging printing is of poor quality, often without three or three incomplete. Famous brand products often use good paper. There are plastic paper bags and cartons in the paper box, and the openings are stuck with transparent adhesive tape or a few drops of glue. The quality of cartons, glue, and workmanship may be counterfeit products. Therefore, it depends on whether the brand, the site, the grade and the anti-counterfeit mark are true.

Original tire valve cover with Land Rover logo

The fake parts generally look rough, the size of the error is very large, such as the discovery of new parts, there are corrosion spots or rubber parts appear cracks, aging phenomenon. With some small welding, unglued phenomenon, such parts are usually problems. Some normal parts surface specified certain colors in other colors, for counterfeit parts. There are some unscrupulous traders will scrap parts by simple processing, such as dismantling, loading, spelling, together, brush paint and other treatment, and then posing as qualified goods for sale.

By contrast, it is not difficult to find, the original Land Rover accessories and counterfeit parts, whether in appearance, or in quality, there is a world of difference. For car owners, the accurate identification of genuine and fake parts is not easy, the easiest way to ensure traffic safety is to professional maintenance station for the car maintenance.

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