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Note The Steep Slope Of The Inventory Of Seven Chassis Bottom Top Killer

Some of the old drivers underpinning, presumably encountered. When we fast through the deceleration zone, the sound of "Ka thump Bang" sound so that owners meat hurts. In fact, on the road there are a lot of chassis killer, whenever the underpinning, car Duang click OK, if the oil pan, suspension, exhaust pipe Duang bad, then miserable. Today I have listed the common 7 major chassis killers, I hope you pay more attention to the owners encountered.

Killer 1: deceleration zone

Vulnerable parts: front bumper, extension, exhaust pipe, suspension

The deceleration belt is designed to allow the vehicle to slow down by force. However, there is no standard in the speed belt design, the height is different, and the shape is different. Some relatively high, coupled with some owners of speeding belt, there is no slowdown in the habit, it is desirable to move. Usually the front bumper and the exhaust pipe are easier to knock.

How to do it: slow down so that the general deceleration belt will pass safely unless your chassis is too low. Click to see how to slow down.

Killer two: steep slope slope

Vulnerable parts: front bumper, exhaust pipe, rod and so on

We are certainly through the special steep slope, if the chassis is relatively low, it is easy to go to the top of the hill when backing.  And the steep slope should also pay attention to, because the front bumper of the car is more prominent, down to the bottom of the slope, if the speed is slightly faster, it is easy to directly knock on the ground.

The way to deal with: can be tilted up and down, is one front wheel to meet or slope slope.

Killer three: on the curb

Vulnerable parts: front bumper, tire wall, suspension

On the curb is not only easy to underpinning, easy to scratch the tire wall, causing the tire bulge or tire, also has certain damage to the suspension.

Response: not on the curb, really want to curb it, also let the tire base facing the curb, don't let the tire side hit the curb.

Killer four: bricks and other foreign bodies

Easily damaged parts: oil pan, suspension and exhaust pipe

On the road will often encounter foreign objects, such as large trucks shed stones, bricks and so on, if these foreign bodies touch the chassis, then it may suffer.

How to deal with it: watch the road while driving, find foreign objects and slow down ahead of time.

Killer five: muddy roads

Vulnerable parts: front bumper, suspension

Driving on a dirt road, the road is raised by rolling up the car, walking in this way is bound if just wrapped the underpinning, mud stone, will knock hurt the front bumper, chassis.

Answer: choose bypass, really not slowly open, as far as possible to tire rolling those raised mud.

Killer six: Road sag

Vulnerable parts: front bumper, tire, suspension

The vehicle through the pavement pit, trench depression, what will happen Tuodi etc., the most important is can cause damage to the tire, if the speed would be direct tire.

Answer: choose bypass, it is not possible to observe the road, pay attention to avoid.

Killer seven: no manhole drain

Vulnerable parts: tires, front bumper, tire outside the siege

If you don't have a well lined sewer, the damage to the car will be great, and the tires will sink and will not come back for a while.

How to do it: watch the road while driving, find the pit ahead, slow down and bypass.

The other way to deal with backing

1 、 install the engine guard

The motor protection plate can effectively protect the engine is not backing to scratch, not all models have, none of the models can choose to add a.

2. Spraying chassis armor

Chassis armor is a layer of elastic sealing material, can be effective in protection of pavement stones hit the chassis and slight backing.

Sum up:

Chassis is the three largest car, and there are many components on it, and its stability is very important for the car. Look at China's complicated road environment, it has many road traps, which often will become a killer because the driver of the chassis, if inadvertently backing, light distressed car look, while the bad money. The money is small, if the Tuodi stay hidden, also affect traffic safety.

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