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Resulting In Five Reasons For Engine Wear

Corrosion wear

The fuel produced many harmful substances in the combustion chamber of the engine combustion, generally every 100 gallons of gasoline combustion will produce nitrogen and sulfate 1-5 pounds, these substances will not only cause the corrosion of the cylinder, but also through the three ring (top, middle and bottom ring) went to the engine, the main components of the engine. Such as cam crankshaft caused by metal corrosion, the corrosion by use of lubricating oil can not be eliminated.

Corrosion wear

When the engine is shut down, it is cooled by high temperature to low temperature. The process of temperature change will cause water cooling, condensation and even water accumulation in the engine. This can cause severe metal corrosion on the engine, especially when the engine is running again short distances and the engine temperature is too late to vaporize the water vapor. This point is also the lubricant can not be solved.

Heavy wear caused by dust

The engine needs to be sucked in when it is burning. Even the best air filter can hardly prevent dust from inhaling into the engine with the air. This wear is not completely eliminated by the oil due to the heavy wear of the dust. Especially in arid and windy areas in China, this kind of strong wear is more prominent.

Cold start dry friction

General Motors Corporation research shows that when the car engine stops for 4 hours, all the lubricating oil on the friction interface will flow back into the lubricating tank. Then start the engine, as the oil pump is still too late to lubricate the lubricating parts, a short period of time will produce periodic lubrication loss of dry friction, resulting in severe abnormal engine strong wear. This strong wear is simply beyond the reach of the lubricant. (additional information indicates that this kind of strong wear accounts for more than 70% of the total engine wear)

Normal wear

The wear and tear of an engine when it is running properly. After figuring out the cause of engine wear, it is clear that lubricants play a role in reducing engine wear. At the same time, it is clear that the use of anti-wear protection products to extend engine life, maintenance of the importance of the engine.

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