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Volvo Engine Will Be Nationalized

Recently, the Zhangjiakou Volvo Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. imported 10 units, the value of 7 million 450 thousand euros of engine production equipment, will be put into operation during the year. This marks the end of the Volvo engine will completely adopt imported parts in the history of the domestic assembly, to achieve localization.

Zhangjiakou Volvo Automobile Engine Manufacturing Co. Ltd was founded, mainly rely on engine parts from Sweden, Belgium, Turkey and other countries imported parts, assembly in Zhangjiakou, has not formed the domestic processing capacity. According to reports, the imported engine production equipment, with the world's advanced level of production equipment imported from Germany, a high degree of automation, high precision machining, equipment reliability, mainly for the production of key components of engine block, cylinder head, crankshaft, cam, is expected to produce 200 thousand engines.

In order to make the production line put into operation as soon as possible, Hebei inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zhangjiakou staff starting from the specification of the import of complete sets of equipment inspection and supervision work, several in-depth on-site office to the factory line, equipment installation and commissioning work smoothly.

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