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Volvo Spare Parts Prices Down 50%

Recently, Volvo China said it would adjust the basic maintenance service package suggested retail prices, an average reduction of 10%, some models fell 23%. At the same time, commonly used accessories recommended retail price fell by an average of 10% -17%, some parts fell more than 50%. It is understood that the basic maintenance service package after the proposed retail price adjustment mainly for artificial, oil, accessories three aspects. 

Which labor a single working hours from the original price adjustment for the proposed retail price of 450 yuan / hour; oil in the new technical support, to provide consumers with 5W / 30 as the basis for the maintenance of the new car a new choice, still provide 0W / 30 and 0W / 20 oil as a high-performance optional category, consumers can choose according to their needs; adjust the recommended retail price of more than 2100 accessories, covering maintenance, wearing parts, maintenance parts, body parts, consumers are most concerned about Brake pads, wipers and other spare parts prices down, once again down 15%, while the most commonly used maintenance accessories prices 11% -50% decline. In addition, the local body parts such as windshield and other decline in the 3-30%, while the rest of the accessories have different levels of price reduction.

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