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What Is The Difference Between Dry And Wet Clutch?

Dry type clutch plate is characterized by: the use of a direct friction, more light. However, in the frequent start and stop, the clutch will be a long time in a semi-linked state, prone to overheating.

The wet dual-clutch transmission is characterized by: the clutch system soaked in the oil, thus solving the problem of overheating clutch, while wet dual-clutch transmission can withstand greater torque.

That dry double clutch is not very easy to bad ah?

This is not necessarily the point, so dry double clutch "hang" the reason is the multiple factors, one of the most deadly reason is that the gearbox itself overheating.

The most common cause of overheating is the frequent gear switch, such as the daily traffic on the road serious congestion, is dry double clutch nemesis, the transmission will be in the 1,2 block back and forth to switch back and forth.

If it is in a road traffic is relatively smooth environment, the possibility of failure is relatively small.

Like the late Zhang's sixth generation of golf is used in 7-speed dry double-clutch, in the open to 30,000 km, and finally lost to the "Royal" of the big traffic jams. Because his car was still under the warranty period, you can go to 4S shop free maintenance. 4S shop first to his car to upgrade the gearbox program, and then maintained about 10,000 km, and later because the gearbox shook too much, and ultimately replaced the clutch plate. Now after two years are normal.

Double clutch car can buy it?

In fact, the specific depends on everyone's car environment, if usually driving very few traffic jams, are relatively smooth road environment, you can choose double clutch. Double clutch shift efficiency is high, high gear switch is indeed very smooth, and fuel consumption performance has certain advantages.

Now the public-based car prices, double-clutch technology has been improved, in the smoothness and reliability has been a lot of improvement. Especially the wet dual-clutch models, the reliability will be better.

But if you still worry about the transmission is easy to go wrong, then simply choose the ordinary automatic transmission or CVT gearbox is better, after all, we are driving the car or worry.

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